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Auto Dealership and Service Providers Love Ringless Broadcasting

Automobile dealerships and auto service providers use Ringless Broadcasting all of the time because it saves them time, is low cost and it can get customers back to the showroom floor or to the service department even at slow times for pennies.

“The Automobile industry spends a tens of thousands of dollars on advertising to get new business in the door.  Because of the stiff competition, it’s mandatory to do so.  Also, you must have a good way to get people who have already visited your store to come back.  Up till now, it’s been challenging, however, there is a better way.”

Think about it, how do you communicate to your list of potential customers when you are trying to generate business?

There are several ways you could do it and here are just a few:

  1. You could send them an email – Most won’t open them and goes to spam
  2. You could send them a text message – Big fines if they are not opt-in
  3. You could design, print and mail a post card – Expensive
  4. You can run full page ads in newspapers – Very costly but a necessary evil
  5. You could spend money on Yelp, or other social media – It works a little
  6. You could spend lots of cash on Pay Per Click – Low Return on Investment

Or you can use our Ringless Voicemail Broadcast System that allows you to send out thousands of personalized voice mails to your existing list and you can purchase a targeted list of all of your potential customers and advertise to them direcly.  (We Provide Targeted Lead List).

You can send things like:

  • Special offers
  • Weekend special sales events
  • Rebate announcements
  • Big Tent Events
  • Service reminders
  • New Car Announcement

Or whatever your creative mind can come up with.  This can drive traffic to your dealership like nothing else can.

Our system will all you to broadcast a message, in your own personal voice, of any length for one low fee as low as 9 cents per successful voicemail drop. There is no more effective way to contact your prospects in a hurry.

That means you can personally leave a voicemail for 1000 of your immediate prospects on their Cell Phones – for as low as $90.

“This is the lowest cost and most effective way to communicate your message to potential new customers . . . Period”

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